Executive Body 2017-18

Office Bearer for 2017-2018

Sh. Y.K. Mahajan
Om Industries
947, Industrial Area- Phase 2.
Phone : 9814116249, 2230135
Email: mahajan1960@gmail.com

Vice President
Sh. Satinderjit Singh Sarkaria
Apex Motors
45, Indl. Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh.
Phone: 9872620001, 5078298, 4616333
Email: apexmotors@gmail.com

General Secretary
Sh. Pankaj Khanna
Kiran Industries
189A, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh.
Phone: 9815012864, 2655389, 2650095, 4614438
Email: pankaj1089@hotmail.com

Joint Secretary
Sh. Rahul Khera
Monark Block Centre
182/36, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Chandigarh.
Phone: 9876872100, 2656361, 2655283, 4614361
Email: mbcchd@yahoo.com

Sh. Siddharth Gupta
Siddh Alloys
182/64, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Chandigarh.
Phone: 9872189555, 5046182
Email: siddhalloys@gmail.com

Executive Members
Sh. S.K. Dhir
Phone: 9814016854
Email: limitofit@gmail.com

Sh. Kulbir Pahwa
Phone: 9814023651
Email: pahwachains@hotmail.com

Sh. Arun Mahajan
Phone: 9814016868
Email: arunmahajan@ymail.com
Sh. Mohinder Singh
Phone: 9417012746
Email: balajicreations293@gmail.com

Sh. Ram Ratan Aggarwal
Phone: 9815157810
Email: rohit.grover@jrew.co.in

Sh. Rakesh Bassi
Phone: 9814014283
Email: indianauto@hotmail.com

Sh. Harish Chauhan
Phone: 9815395281
Email: harishchauhan@yahoo.com

Sh. Manu Bhatia
Phone: 9316136077
Email: manu_bht@yahoo.co.in

Sh. Sandeep Mohindra
Phone: 9815480403
Email: mohindra1050@gmail.com

Sh. K.K. Oberai
Phone: 9417006697
Email: jmd.engineers@gmail.com

Sh. Ramesh G Bhatia
Phone: 9316003355
Email: rameshbhatia@hotmail.com

Past Presidents
Sh. R.K. Saboo
Phone: 2544370
Email: rksaboo@kddl.com
Sh. B.B. Singhal
Phone: 3911711
Sh. M.M Khanna
Phone: 2655389
Email: pankaj1089@hotmail.com
Sh. Khandelia
Phone: 9814092112
Email: dpk@khandelia.com

Sh. Madhukar
Phone: 9814935552
Email: madhukar16@gmail.com

Sh. K.K. Seth
Phone: 9814123095
Email: keminchd@gmail.com

Sh. Ranvir Uppal
Phone: 9814097094
Email: suvirs@hotmail.com

Sh. S.K. Kohli
Phone: 9814009323
Email: kohli@cecchd.net
Sh. Arun Mahajan
Phone: 9814016868
Email: arunmahajan@ymail.com

Sh. Madhu Vij
Phone: 9814088400
Email: ms_vij@glide.net.in
Sh. Pawan K Aggarwal
Phone: 9872812628
Email: shivalik79@yahoo.com
Sh. Arvind K Mehan
Phone: 9815815900
Email: arvindmehan@gmail.com
Sh. Nitin K Peshawaria
Phone: 9814016187
Email: alv212@hotmail.com
Sh. Harinder K Aggarwal
Phone: 9417247174
Email: kohli@cecchd.net
Sh. Subhash Bindra
Phone: 9814004444
Email: salil.bindra@gmail.com
Sh. D.D. Bassi
Phone: 9855114383
Email: indianharness@hotmail.com
Sh. Jagmohan Lal Mahajan
Phone: 9814996868
Email: mahajanatul@hotmail.com
Sh. Vimal Kishore
Phone: 9781605815
Email: info@frp.co.in
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