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  • I am very happy to know that keeping with the times the Industries Association of Chandigarh is launching a website.This organization has brought more than 200 entrepreneur members from various MSME units of Chandigarh under one roof.

    Out of a total of about 2,950 small scale industries in Chandigarh about 40% are ancillary units producing components for the major tractor industry around Chandigarh.Light engineering industry is heavily re-presented, other industrial units produce mainly industrial fasteners, electrical /electronic items, machine tools, pharmaceuticals, plastic goods, sanitary fittings, steel / wooden furniture and food products etc. A number of items manufactured here are finding ready markets abroad.

    The Chandigarh Administration has been making efforts to avail a positive atmosphere for the industry to grow in every possible way.The Association has been a helpful tool in bringing the concerns of the industry in the notice of the Administration. We hope that this symbiotic relation flourishes in the near future and we all can collectively work towards the betterment of the City Beautiful.

  • I am extremely glad to know that the Industries Association of Chandigarh is launching a website.A website is a must in these times of electronic revolution.A website is a handy tool for the consumer as well. It provides a platform for exchange of ideas and information.

    The Chandigarh Administration is making consistent efforts to provide an atmosphere for the industries to flourish.This Association has always brought to the notice of the Administration the various demands of the industrialists of the city thereby helping us to improve our relations with them.

    I wish the members of the Industries Association of Chandigarh great success in this remarkable endeavor.

  • It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate the Industries Association of Chandigarh (IAC) on the occasion of launching of its website. The Association has been working for the welfare and promotion of industry in UT Chandigarh for the last about 50 years. The IAC has more than 200 micro, small and medium enterprises as its members. The Association is always ready to interact with all concerned departments of Chandigarh Administration and give its valuable suggestions and contribution towards policy making and strengthening of entrepreneurs.

    I appreciate the endeavour of the Association for launching a website andwish all the members of the Association a bright future.

  • Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Chandigarh, the city that was known as an administrative centre, stands transformed today with a vibrant industry supporting its growth. This has not only brought prosperity to the city, but has also generated immense employment opportunities for the residents.

    Industries Association of Chandigarh (IAC) is a leading industry association of the UT with more than 200 entrepreneurs owning micro, small and medium industrial units as its Members. The Association has played a vital role in the development and growth of MSME units in the city, and has led from the front in taking up their concerns for finding solutions to their problems. It is a matter of great pride that the Association would soon be entering into the 50th year of its meaning-ful existence and I convey my best wishes for all current and future endeavors of the Association.

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